Heroic Cop Rescues Injured Man From Burning Car Following Crash

This 21-year-old Oklahoma man will likely face a DUI, but he is utterly lucky to have escaped with his life after his drunken escapades landed him crashed in a ditch as the fiery wreckage of his vehicle threatened to explode at any moment.

Alex Solis-Rangell owes his life to Washington County Deputy Carey Duniphin, who was caught on bodycam footage as he arrived at the scene of the accident and sprinted toward the smoking wreckage in order to rescue the disoriented driver.

“The driver was already out of the car when he got there. He was still in danger, but Carey got him away from the car so that he was no longer in danger from the fire,” Undersheriff Steve Johnson said. “Carey did really good and definitely saved him from further injury.”

Solis-Rangell reportedly lost control of his vehicle, struck two trees, and was launched airborne before his vehicle flipped and landed on two wheels in a creek. He was unable to escape from the wreckage due to leg injuries, but Duniphin managed to painstakingly pull him away from potential harm.

An air ambulance arrived shortly thereafter and was able to take Solis-Rangell to a nearby hospital, where he was treated for head, abdomen, and leg injuries. Duniphin and other troopers on the scene noted that Solis-Rangell smelled of alcohol and listed the cause of the accident as “speed.”