Hero Shopkeeper Uses Hilarious Weapon To Thwart Gunman, Free Hostage

A hostage situation was resolved by a brave cashier who managed to fend off the gun-toting robber who abducted a terrified captive by using – wait for it – a can of aerosol dog repellent. And no, the hostage-taker was not a dog.

Unintentionally hilarious surveillance footage shows the dramatic incident just as it unfolded: a man burst into a convenience store brandishing a firearm pointed at the head of an unsuspecting a victim and ordered the store clerk to hand over cash from the register.

Instead, the quick-thinking cashier ducked under the counter and resurfaced holding his own weapon, which was nothing other than a can of spray intended to discipline disobedient pooches.

All it took was one spritz from the pup spray can to send the culprit frantically fleeing from the store, knocking over a display shelf in the process. The shopkeeper can even be seen giving chase, apparently realizing that he was wielding the crook’s kryptonite.

Now, police are praising the courageous cashier as a hero for not only thwarting a potential robbery but also rescuing the hostage, who managed to wrest free from the culprit’s grasp in the midst of the action.