Heroic Man Rescues Kid Who Fell Onto Train Tracks While Texting

A quick-thinking man is being celebrated as a hero for rescuing an 8-year-old boy who distractedly walked onto live train tracks. Despite the risk to himself, the heroic man jumped onto the tracks and hoisted the injured boy to safety.

The tense moment was released by authorities after it was caught on surveillance footage out of Russia, where the child was making his way home from soccer practice. He reportedly was texting on his cellphone as takes one step too many, sending him plummeting onto the tracks.

A group of gawkers quickly forms to watch the boy as he struggles to stand up, but nobody takes action for several moments. Finally, a Good Samaritan jumps off the platform, scoops the boy into his arms, and hands him up to a waiting crowd – one that is happy to help once there is no risk.

According to police, the boy was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for a thigh joint fracture. The brave rescuer, who has been described only as a young man by witnesses, left before anyone could find out his name.