Here’s Rare Footage Of Two Cops Fighting Each Other

A Kentucky corrections officer found himself on the wrong side of the jail cell after he was caught on surveillance footage assaulting another lawman over a minor dispute involving an inmate’s backpack.

The bizarre incident, which took place inside of the Hardin County Detention Center, started when Deputy Jailer Joseph Funk and Deputy Sheriff Clennon Smith could not agree on what to do with a freshly-booked inmate’s personal property.

An officer who witnessed the brawl claimed that the two cops “appeared to have words over the placement of a backpack that Officer Smith brought in, of an inmate’s property.”

Once the dust settled, Funk was arrested and slapped with a slew of charges, including assault, resisting arrest, and menacing. Even though he has worked at the Hardin County Detention Center since 2011 and was considered a good employee, Funk was suspended for what happened.