Badass Helicopter Rescue Of Man Who Nearly Died In Flood Waters

This is the dramatic moment when a California National Guard crew pulled off a daring helicopter rescue of an 81-year-old man in Plumas County who was swept from his car into rushing flood waters.

The video, which was released by the Joint Force Headquarters California National Guard, shows Rodger McMurtry clinging onto a branch for dear life as a MEDVAC company prepares to deploy a lifeline.

Thanks to a joint effort by the Plumas County Sheriff’s Department and CalGuard, rescuers were quickly able to locate McMurtry before he lost his strength. A crew member lowers himself down into the raging waters and makes contact with the victim.

Within just over a minute, McMurtry and his rescuer are being lifted out of the flood waters and into the safety of the helicopter, the shaken victim clearly hanging on for dear life.

“I applaud the crew’s quick and decisive actions which resulted in the saving of a life,” said Major General David Baldwin with the Cal Guard. “Our partnership with city and county agencies will always ensure our communities are safe.”