Heartless Woman Steals Barista’s Tip Jar In Broad Daylight

Thanks to this woman, a few Feminist Dance Theory majors went home empty-handed. Police are on the lookout for a sticky-fingered crook who was caught on surveillance footage as she snatched a coffee shop tip jar.

According to police, the barista bamboozler entered the Cambridge, Massachusetts coffee shop at around 3:30 pm and asked the employee to make her a cup of hot water. When the employee turned around, the woman deftly grabbed the jar and placed it inside her coat.

What makes the situation even more pathetic is that there was only $15 in the tip jar at the time of the heist. Sure, times are tough, but it’s hard to imagine risking legal action over an amount of money that could barely cover two venti chai lattes.

Police have declined to release the name of the coffee shop in order to prevent it from being targeted – because, clearly, the baristas at this place don’t pay much attention to their hard-earned tips. Anybody who recognizes the woman is encouraged to call the police before she strikes again.