Heart of Gold

Posted by nmcuong91 on Jan. 09, 2013

Story: David is an American who is in Vietnam through a cultural exchange program between US and Vietnam. He is in love with the country and the people, which makes him decide to learn Vietnamese. Therefore, he wants to have a Vietnamese tutor Quyen is a student of Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, who is very enthusiastic about learning languages. Thats the reason why she is always seeking for opportunities to work with foreigners. She hopes that she can get a scholarship to study abroad in the near future. As it is their destiny to be lovers, David falls in love with Quyen at first sight and he writes the song Heart of Gold as propose to Quyen. However, things never happen the way it is wanted to be. David has to go back to US and Quyen gets her chance to study in England. Therefore, they lose contact since then. Coming back to Vietnam, David makes up his mind and tries his best to find the love of his life. He starts to sing at bars and cafes and he always sings Heart of Gold with the hope of getting

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