This Guy Could Be Headed To Jail For What He Did To A Goldfish

Would you swallow a live goldfish on a dare – or under any circumstance, for that matter? A former bouncer from the UK was slapped with animal cruelty charges after his friends convinced him to ingest a still-struggling goldfish and posted the uncomfortable video on Facebook.

Daniel Challis, 24, found himself out of a job and in court after the video made its way around social media. In it, Challis appears to hesitate for several moments before plucking the poor fish out of a small jar and swallowing it whole, opening his mouth wide to prove the deed had been done.

Once the video started going viral, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) started getting flooded with complaints about the incident. The organization got involved and released the video to the public.

Challis was eventually found guilty of animal cruelty under the 2006 Animal Welfare Act, which mandates that anyone who causes unnecessary suffering to animals is subject to six months in prison, a fine of roughly $25,000, or both.

RSPCA investigators even brought in a veterinarian who testified that the goldfish was still alive in the video and would have died in agonizing death inside the man’s stomach.

Cheryl Stevens, who filmed the video, was also found guilty of the same charge. Stevens and Challis are currently free on bail and will be sentenced later this month.