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Posted by Break.com Staff on May. 18, 2011

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Harold Camping Church on Newsfeed - Harold Camping, a Christian radio broadcaster and God fearing madman has predicted the end of the world… and wait for it… it’s May 21st 2011.. that’s 4 days from now! Yeah the crazy crackpot, bible beater, made some mathematical calculations derived from the bible and concluded that the rapture is this Saturday. Oh and I had Lady Gaga tickets! Damnit. But, let’s back it up for a second, didn’t John Cusack tell us the world was ending in 2012? No… that was Mayans. Where’s Maya? I’m confused… Okay welp I guess I better go buy all those guns I’ve been meaning to buy. Cause if I’ve learned anything from post apocalyptic movies, it’s that we’re gonna need more guns.Hope you guys don't have any big plans for the weekend. If you haven't heard this news is going to suck a little. Turns out this Saturday is the rapture according to Harold Camping and about 6 months after the rapture the world is going to end.

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