Hannah Barbie

I’m Jonny Loquasto with NewsFeed. Well, Mattel is still making Barbie Dolls and they are becoming more and more lifelike. Just check out the new Farrah Fawcet Barbie Doll. Exactly like a miniature Charlie’s Angel. With the release of this new Doll, I think we should take a stroll down memory lane & look at some of the best Barbie’s ever. Like Hip-Hop Barbie, which came fully equipped with fake hair extensions, a massive gold medallion, and a ‘Oh no she did-n’t!”. Fat Barbie, which was supposed to encourage kids to go outside & exercise. I don’t know, that bed looks really comfortable & she has chinese takeout on the chair. Of course there was Barbie’s Muslim cousin, Razanne. I’m not even gonna touch that one. And finally, who could forget Pregnant Barbie….I’m Jonny Loquasto and you’ve been fed.