I’m Eric Schwartz for Newsfeed Rave reviews for Madonna’s halftime show at Superbowl 46. Even Snoop tweeted "Madonna killllen the superbowl. her show is soo fresh." The 12-minute extravaganza featured LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, M.I.A., and Oprah Winfrey. What? That was CeeLo? Well, he made that gown look fierce! I think Ceelo was the only performer with a live microphone. But somehow, M.I.A. still managed to get an expletive onto the telecast when she flipped off the camera. At least Janet’s excuse was “wardrobe malfunction.” What are you going to say, MIA? “Muscle spasm!” “Sign-language Tourettes.” Hey MIA. You flipped off a nation, a nation that can flip off your career. So, on behalf of America, I’d like to say, “(show blurred nipple).” I’m Eric Schwartz, and you’ve just been fed. Breast fed.