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Posted by Newsfeed on May. 11, 2011

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Haagen Dasz Coupons on Newsfeed - Yesterday was unofficial Diabetes awareness day or free cone day at Haagen Dasz. My problem was I couldn’t find a Haagen Dasz store anywhere. But not to fret that’s what coupon websites are for! See, America recently adopted the new slogan, ‘If there’s not a groupon for it, I won’t buy it!’ Hey Haagen Dasz, who needs a free cone when you can get a groupon for Pinkberry, a living social deal for Yogurtland, a Yelp! Deal for Ben and Jerry’s - AND my mom just clipped some double coupons for Dairy Queen. And as I speak, Facebook is rolling out its coupon giant – known as “DEALS” nationwide. And there goes the neighborhood.Nowadays it feels like if you go somewhere and don't use your coupon to buy something you just got ripped off.

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