Daring Thief Stuffs Guitar Down His Pants And Walks Out Of The Store

Is that a guitar in your pants or are you happy to see me? One crafty Fort Worth thief managed to sneak a pricy guitar out of a music store by inconspicuously stuffing it into his pants and shuffling off the premises.

Security footage captured the unlikely heist in its entirety. An unidentified man can be seen inside of a Guitar Center as he casually strolls around a display shelf before pausing at his prize: a Tobacco Sunburst Fender guitar, worth something to the tune of $1,600.

In just under a minute, the culprit manages to slide the guitar beneath his bulky clothing in a maneuver that he had undoubtedly rehearsed before. He then proceeds to walk out of the store with his hands in his pockets – and with a very pronounced limp.

Fort Worth police are asking the public at large to help identify the mysterious guitar stuffer. They don’t want to see what he does when he decides he wants a drum set.