Grown Man Throws Tantrum After Request For Free Stuff Got Denied By Cashier

Police in Detroit are on the lookout for a man who went on a destructive rampage inside of a BP Gas Station after he demanded freebies from one of the employees but was denied.

The bizarre incident occurred in the early evening and was captured on surveillance footage that clear shows the man’s face. For whatever reason, the suspect decided that he did not want to pay for his goods but the cashier was not in a charitable mood.

That’s when things got ugly. The clip shows the man locked in a heated exchange with a person out of frame when he suddenly grabs a rack containing miscellaneous food items and hurls it to the floor.

The employee then activates the electronic door lock in an effort to prevent the deranged man from fleeing the premises, but he simply breaks the door open with a powerful kick. Witnesses told police that he then walked away from the gas station on foot.