Scary Scene As Group Of Criminals Rob Unsuspecting Victim

This is probably not the kind of surprise party that this man was hoping for when he arrived to his apartment building. Surveillance footage shows the man just about to get home before getting ambushed by a group of violent thugs.

In the clip, which was released by the New York Police Department in the hopes of tracking down the culprits, the 35-year-old victim can be seen hiding in the lobby from a group of four men that had been tailing him.

They follow him into the enclosed space and back him into a corner, where the proceed to shake him down for any valuables on his person. One of the suspects sucker punches him in the face for good measure.

In all, the crooks made off with two iPhones, a smartwatch, a set of Beats Headphones, and even the guy’s gym bag. Although the victim sustained minor injuries related to the punch, he was not hospitalized.