Gray wolves from North America

Posted by Nurg-l-Vatan-921 on Aug. 06, 2013

Wolves are very charismatic animals, which have become subject to films, tales and paragraphs. You can watch this video if you did not previously see them nearly. They actually look like dogs. But wolves are wild and different animals. Some informations about wolfs- The gray wolf is a species of canid native to the wilderness and remote areas of North America, Eurasia, and North Africa. It is the largest member of its family, with males averaging 43--45 kg, and females 36--38.5 kg. It is similar in general appearance and proportions to a German shepherd, or sled dog, but has a larger head, narrower chest, longer legs, straighter tail and bigger paws. Winter fur of wolf is long and bushy, and predominantly a mottled gray in colour, although nearly pure white, red, or brown to black also ocur. Other informations- Wolf habitat, grey wolf habitat, information about wolf, wolf info, arctic wolf, wolf animal, red wolf, the grey wolf, wolfes, mexican wolf, wolf species, wolf wiki, wolf puppies, wolf dogs, where do wolves live, arctic wolf habitat, grey wolf information, red wolf pictures, wolf habitat facts, red wolf information, grey wolf facts, gray wolf facts, grey wolf population, arctic wolf facts, gray wolf habitat, timber wolf facts, wolf habitats, red wolf facts, white wolf pictures, grey wolf pictures, mexican gray wolf, lobo the wolf, wolf behavior, wolf adaptations, gray wolf endangered, adopt a wolf, wolf facts for kids, red wolf habitat, ethiopian wolf.

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