I'm Eric Schwartz for Newsfeed. This year's Grammys showed me the power of music to break generational boundaries, with some great performances from some iconic legends. LL Cool J hosted the ceremony and didn't lick his lips once. "Hey, yo, this is LL Cool J. It's 2 minutes before the Grammy's and I'm savin' up on these lips. Delicious!" Bruce Springsteen opened the show with a song about American Pride: "We Take Care of Our Own." Meanwhile, on Wall Street, rich bankers could be heard singing, "We Take Keys to Your Home." The surviving members of the Beach Boys reunited to sing "Good Vibrations." The only vibrations those guys are feeling are from their medic alert bracelets. And Sir Paul McCartney's donned his best waiter's outfit to sing his tender ballad "My Valentine." Love was in the air, until a sound problem created a weird farting noise. A great way to introduce his new album "Kisses on the Bottom." I'm Eric Schwartz and you've been fed. Need a Tums?