Goth Guy In Long Trench Coat And Black Bandana Robs Bank

Police in South Dakota are on the lookout for a bank robber who appears to have been stranded at a Hot Topic just prior to carrying out his heist.

Surveillance footage shows the black-clad culprit wearing an edgy trench coat and a matching bandana as a face mask as he crossed the parking lot and made his way into the Voyage Federal Credit Union in Sioux Falls.

The suspect then approached the clerks, threatened them by claiming he had a weapon and demanded that they hand over cash. According the police, employees gave the suspect an undisclosed sum and he left the premises on foot – without ever actually producing any sort of weapon. Nobody was harmed.

Authorities describe the culprit as a man who stands about 5’10” and has a thin build. He was last seen wearing a goth-inspired outfit and, police warn, is expected to use his misbegotten cash to purchase My Chemical Romance memorabilia and eyeliner.