Good Samaritan Looks To Lend Helping Hand In Detroit, Gets Shot At

A Detroit man who pulled over to help what appeared to be a stranded driver found himself in a life-or-death situation when the motorist opened fire. Cell phone footage of the terrifying incident has left police puzzled and searching for a motive as new details continue to emerge.

In the clip, a man can be seen walking towards the stopped vehicle after having pulled his car into the shoulder lane and turned on the emergency lights. Suddenly, a shot rings out as the Good Samaritan braces for cover and retreats to his car.

According to police, the gunman had been spotted moments before as he assaulted a 66-year-old woman, striking her either with the butt of handgun or with his fist. Authorities believe that the gunman was involved in a car accident with the woman and had tried to speed away when the Good Samaritan gave chase.

The gunman then drove away but was quickly apprehended by police, who arrested him at gunpoint. They believe that the man, who was also carrying six other firearms in his car, could be suffering from mental illness. 

Michigan State Police have called on the Good Samaritan to come forward, praising him for his courageous actions.

(Source: Fox 2)