Good Samaritan, Police Officer Rescue Two Individuals From Fiery Car Wreck

A Louisville police officer and a Good Samaritan who teamed up to save two victims trapped in a fiery car wreck are now being nominated for a prestigious award after their act of selfless courage was caught on the officer’s dashcam.

The incident took place back in February, when Officer Jeff Rodgers was called to the scene of a crash that saw a vehicle strike a pole and catch on fire. When he arrived, he found a man identified as Mr. Boyer already working to save the victims.

Boyer is able to drag the driver out to safety as plumes of smoke continue to billow out of the car’s engine compartment. He then comes back around to the other side of the vehicle to offer the cop assistance as he frees the passenger.

Both victims survived the ordeal and made full recoveries despite sustaining injuries in the crash. Boyer and Rodgers are expected to receive a life-saving award for their efforts.