God Of War 3 Sex Scene

What’s a warrior to do when he rolls up on three chicks getting naked together and touching each other in ungoddesslike ways? Well, if you’re Kratos, you jump in and get busy! In this God of War 3 sex scene video, Kratos enters Aphrodite’s chamber in more ways than one. He discovers Aphrodite and her two hot maidens in bed together, topless and fondling one another. Aphrodite is ready for a real man and it seems the goddess of sexuality won’t deliver the information Kratos needs until he delivers first. The sex scene continues while the maidens look on longingly and take comfort in caressing one another. So how does the player conquer Aphrodite in this hot sex scene mini-game? Just do what she likes…press the buttons in the right order, first slow, then fast. Kratos receives his ladies man trophy for his participation in the sex scene video and gets out of there as quick as he can, just like any good warrior would do.