Gobble You Up (The Thanksgiving Rap)

YEAR: 2009SYNOPSIS: Christmas may have Santa, reindeer and presents, but Thanksgiving has pilgrims, Indians, turkey, parades, football... the list goes on! So why are there so many songs about Christmas and so few about Thanksgiving? Well, heres a song all about Turkey Day and what makes it so special.GOAL: Tell the classic holiday story of Thanksgiving through music and motion picture.CASTMain Rapper: Sam NuttmannIndian Rapper: Ketak SonejiPilgrim Robot 2.0: Ben Piggot Mini Indian Rapper: Presley SonejiPilgrim Dancer 1: Jennifer JosePilgrim Dancer 2: Tiffany Jarvis Dinner Party Guy 1: Paul KossDinner Party Gal 1: Kim HudsonDinner Party Guy 2: Alvaro Madrid Jr.Dinner Party Gal 2: Heather RichersonPRODUCTION CREWWriter / Producer / Editor: Sam NuttmannDirector / DP: Ryan WardwellMusic: Sam NuttmannCostume / Prop Design: Ketak Soneji / Sam NuttmannMORE INFOhttp://www.session7media.com