Luckily for everyone, Hurricane Irene is finally gone and our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who was affected by this natural disaster. And the last thing I'm about to do is poke fun at the damage caused by the hurricane. But what I will poke fun at is the paranoid, conservative, right-winged nutjob Glenn Beck, who said on his show that Irene was a blessing from God and that everyone should learn to stockpile months of food so they're ready for disasters when they occur. That's a great idea Glenn, it's a great idea for a millionaire like yourself who can afford to stockpile food, cars, and houses for a rainy day. Most Americans can afford to have just enough food on their plates to get by week to week, let alone building their own bomb shelter to fill it with chili and crackers. It's dumbfounding to me how a pompous ass like you even has fans. Sure, you're intelligent, very convincing when you spit garbage out of your mouth, and you're very successful. But you have the likeability of a mosquito bite. So next time you want to call a natural disaster a Blessing from God, how about walking through an area that was affected and tell those people who lost their homes and loved ones what a blessing it was. You idiot! Whew, I feel good about that. I'm Jonny Loquasto and you've been fed.