Ghost Rider 2 Parody trailer

Cast:Daniel Vampiru - the RiderCiprian Caragata - the DevilVictor Tihon - the DemonDragos George - the Copvoiceover - Daniel VampiruThis is a short movie, made as a trailer, inspired by a great movie produced in 2007.Please visit for pictures and making-of (soon) and infos about efectespeciale project(s).The next project could be Iron Man in Love, but if you have any suggestions, any movie you would like to see as a short movie comedy like this one, or even a comic book character that is not yet a movie, or your own character, please post a comment. All suggestions will be considered.We have to say to you that all elements used for this movie, 3d modeling, textures, animation, matte paintings, compositing, montage and sountrack were made by one single person. So, it seems like a little talent and a lot of work cand almost reach the BO level. Ghost Rider and Iron Man are both original Marvel comic book characters.Please subscribe to keep this movies coming