Geriatric Carjacker In California Fails Spectacularly

Police in California have released surveillance footage of a man, who is perhaps the oldest carjacker in the world, failing miserably as he attempts to steal a car from a woman at gunpoint.

The incident took place at a parking lot in Redding at around 6:00 am, as the woman sat in her car just before going to work. The elderly culprit can be seen hurriedly shuffling toward the car before trying to open the driver’s door.

When he discovers that it’s locked and that the car’s owner is still inside, he brandishes a handgun. Police claim that the carjacker ordered the woman to hand over her car keys, but she simply refused.

After several moments of the crook yelling at the woman, she puts the car in reverse and drives away. He briefly appears like he is going to chase after her on foot, but he instead walks away, apparently trying to appear nonchalant.

Police are offering up to $2,500 for information leading to the arrest of the geriatric carjacker, who has been described as a white man about 60 to 70 years old who stands 5’10” and has a heavyset build.