Garden Party - trailer

Garden Party is the tale of five adventurous souls attempting to navigate the treacherous urban landscape of contemporary Los Angeles. April is an ambitious beauty in search of success, but she may not know how to reach her goals with her clothes on. Sally St. Clair is a sexy realtor with a secret past. She’s got a great eye for spotting adventurous souls and thrives on giving them direction in life. One of those adventurous souls is Nathan, her new assistant. Nathan moved to Los Angeles from Nebraska seeking success as a dancer, but now most of his time is spent making photocopies for Sally and her clients. One of those clients is Todd, a porn-addicted artist who agrees to help Sally get revenge for a past indiscretion in exchange for her helping him realize his greatest fantasy. Meanwhile, a starry-eyed street musician Sammy moves in with Nathan, and they soon find they have very different ideas of their relationship status. Soon, everyone becomes hopelessly ensnared in Sally’s kinky entanglements.