Gadhafi :Lipstick Virgin Bodyguards

Posted by Staff on May. 16, 2011

Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan dictator who looks like a beat-up Gene Simmons is reported to always have some lipstick-wearing, gun-carrying assassin women at his side. On his day off from suppressing Libyan citizens, Muammar established the Tripoli Women's Military Academy- a place where 100 handpicked women train in elite killing techniques, day and night, for three years. I feel a cheesy action movie in the works... Once they graduate, they get to wear designer sunglasses and heels while protecting the life of their leader...oh and did I mention their all virgins too? Of course their virgins who wants to date a woman who can break your neck? “Hey, do these pants make me look fat? Do they? Do they?”

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