G String Video - G-String Gymnastics

Posted by RachelOfTheDead on May. 19, 2009

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Rachel Sexton demonstrates some of her gymnastics skills in a very slight and sexy g string. Is there anything this lovely, gnome-obsessed lady cant do in her underwear? Shes pours wine, peels bananas, all with her feet! Her flexibility in this video just seems like a gift, both for her and for all of the internet trolls who watch her videos. Speaking of g string gymnastics, why is that not an Olympic sport yet? Who do we have to petition to get some of the sexiness back into the Olympic games? With hot, toned babes like Rachel on our side, theres no way we wouldnt dominate. And, even if we didnt, it sure would make everything in the games that much more interesting.This is a video of a gorgeous girl in a G-string doing erotic gymnastics in her room. If you didn't know any better you would think she was a stripper who is learning to dance on her head. It takes a lot of practice and courage to get in front of the camera in your underwear and start standing on your head. If she were in a thong it would not have been the same. thank you so much to whomever invented the G-string

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