Funny Questions: How Can You Make Giving Head Less Painful In Yo

Posted by marghans333 on Mar. 27, 2013

Welcome back to the Professor Puppet After Dark Show with our guest co-host, Penelope Lombard. 1st question: How can you make oral s*x less painful in your jaw? The pain in your jaw when perform blowj*b could be caused by a TMJ disorder and you may need to seek professional help. Then you need to open up and elaborate the problem to your doctor. But of course, you don’t want to get in trouble by sucking your own doctor’s c*ck or even involve in a three-way situation by inviting in a medical staff, like a nurse perhaps. Also you might want to change the position on the way you blow your partner’s organ. You may also want to relax when you are actually doing it. 2nd question: Does size really matter? Yes. Size really matters. Some other things matter so much more than a few others out there. But what’s more important is that you should utilize what you have in a professional way. And you should always work things out to get them connected. You might also want to consider that not everybody fits anybody

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