Posted by JustJunk on Jun. 01, 2011

Funny video of my son catching his first fish May 29, 2011. I had my video camera with me. My 3 year old son has always loved adventures and has watched videos and clips with people catching fish however, he had never been on a fishing trip until now. Teddy loves all kinds of fish whether they be salmon, large mouth bass, small mouth bass, catfish, goldfish, pike, trout and many others. On this day while he had his fishing rod in the water a fish bit the fishing line without him knowing and when he pulled up on the fishing line the fish came flying out of the water and scared him. After this exciting first catch, mommy and daddy just might tame three year old Teddy on a fresh water boat charter or trip on another beautiful lake somewhere in Canada or United States. Maybe his second fist will be bigger than this fish. This is a very funny, cute, adorable you tube video of a 3 year old boy catching his first fish with his dad.

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