Funniest Best Man Speech Ever

Anyone whos ever been to a wedding knows that Best Man speeches during the reception always put the best man under pressure to be really funny. This guy killed like Seinfeld, funniest speech ever. Best man speeches seem to be a very delicate art: you can’t be too funny and completely make fun of the bride and groom in an insulting way. Never, ever, ever talk about past girlfriends or boyfriends the couple may still be in contact with. Don’t mention the fact you probably tried to bed the bride before the groom did and failed…it makes you look pathetic and puts a weird germ of an idea that you want her to cheat on the groom with you at some point later on. You probably don’t want to be too hammered drunk, either, as everybody is kind of expecting that and some of the wedding guests are probably even secretly hoping for an absolute trainwreck of a speech that you slur over your red velvet wedding cake. Fellas, before you make