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Posted by jsutoots1 on Oct. 30, 2008

Fields of Fuel The dependence on foreign oil, especially in the recent Bush administration, hurts the U.S. economy with the roaring gas prices. That in turn affects food prices and many more. Biofuel is the answer. Why rely on oil? This is an amazing movie trailer to a film which explains all these issues very clearly, and I highly recommend watching it… and showing it at work, school, or anywhere there are large groups of people. It truly raises awareness of global warming, 9/11, and how we can turn to alternative fuel based on renewable sources such as algae or ethanol to save costs and moreover, combat the impeding destruction of the environment. Biofuel does not put C02 into the atmostphere like gasoline, which causes global warming! http://www.fieldsoffuel.com Register to Vote http://www.headcount.org

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