Friday The 13th Origin

Friday The 13th Origin on Newsfeed – Friday The 13th is a day that is associated with making evil things happen. Like a never-ending horror movie series. Here’s some history behind this supposedly unlucky date. In the 12th century, The Knights Templar were arrested and wrongly accused of heresy and cursed this day. But more importantly, their story inspired the book that inspired the movie The Da Vinci Code. Also Rapper Tupac Shakur was pronounced dead on this day creating an opening for rappers such as Soulja Boy to have careers making people dance like idiots. And in the future, the Asteroid 99942 Apophis will narrowly miss Earth on Friday, April 13th 2029. And if you want to know what to call your fear of this day, there’s a term for that, its friggatriskaidekaphobia. I’m serious. Look it up. Then admit to yourself that you should have never doubted me. I forgive you.