Shocking Scene As 71-Year-Old Man Gets Shot While Watering His Lawn In Chicago

A 71-year-old Chicago man was hospitalized after a criminal on a bicycle attacked, shot, and robbed him, seemingly out of the blue. The entire gruesome incident was caught on surveillance footage, and now an entire community is coming together to put the perpetrator to justice.

In the unsettling clip, an elderly man identified as Frederico Laguardia can be seen watering his lawn with a garden hose when two men on bicycles ride by on the sidewalk. About thirty minutes later, the criminals turn around and ride toward the senior citizen. One of them jumps off his bicycle and lunges toward the unsuspecting victim.

A brutal shove sends the victim hurling toward the ground as the robber reaches for a firearm and fires several close-range shots into the victim’s abdomen. The criminal then helps himself to the writhing man’s belongings before jumping on his bike and pedaling away. The victim – struggling to walk and clutching at his abdomen – manages to seek help before the video cuts off.

“We don't have that type of violence," neighbor Loisteen Walker said. "That's why it was such a shock."

Now, several prominent members of the community are hoping to see the thugs end up behind bars. Fliers containing the phone number of a national tip hotline and a description of the incident have been placed around the neighborhood.