Footage Of Would-Be Rapist Trying To Run From Cops

A west London woman is lucky to be alive after this despicable man grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder, apparently intending to abduct her. Now, 41-year-old Jakub Kowalczyk is behind bars – and police have released the intense body cam footage from the moment he was caught in the act.

Witnesses claim that they heard a woman’s sobs coming from some bushes when Kowalczyk suddenly emerged, carrying the victim slung over his shoulder.

A Good Samaritan shouted at him, intimidating Kowalczyk so much that he placed the victim on the ground. That’s when the police show up: in the clip, the witness can be seen pointing at Kowalczyk and telling officers about his heinous crime.

At first, Kowalczyk appears normal and good-natured, but as an officer moves in to make the arrest, he turns tail and runs away. The culprit briefly managed to hide in some overgrowth, but the pursuing officers were able to detain him after threatening him with a taser.

Kowalczyk admitted to attempted rape last month and was sentenced to six years in prison. His victim did not suffer any physical injuries, but police claim that she required mental health treatment because of the extreme trauma she suffered.