Fisher Of Men

"I dont know why we didnt see it before, but New York City is the perfect place to become the Jesus center of the world" says Scott Rourk, a 33 year old pastor of the Southern Baptist faith. The Evangelicals’ approach to religion falls under the philosophy that church should adapt to the needs of the times. Accordingly, Scott uses modern communication and marketting tools to spread the message of Jesus; A hip CD-rom is his visiting card, Rock music for Jesus are the bells of his church, and people praying in the new york city streets are his voices of change. Partly funded by the Southern Baptist Convention which is the largest Evangelical organization in the U.S., the 411 is one example of the Southern Baptist’s strategic plans to spread the Christian faith in urban cities in the hope of introducing the concept of New Born Christians to people of different faiths, reviving it for those of the Catholic faith, and adapting the concept of church to modern city needs.