Why Did The Turkeys Cross The Road? These Firefighters Try To Find Out

When we walk in around aimlessly in the middle of the road, we get told, “You’re drunk, go home!” But when turkeys do it, they get a taxpayer-funded escort to help them get across the street. It’s not fair.

Firefighters in Fort Collins, Colorado, were called on the scene when a flock of free-range turkeys found itself chilling in the middle of a road. Fortunately for the turkeys, the road happened to be empty at the time.

Two firefighters, one male and one female, can be seen using their best turkey-shooing skills to get the ornery creatures out of harm’s way. One turkey momentarily appears to threaten the female firefighter with a defiant pose, but she manages to defuse the situation with some authoritative arm waving.

So, why did the turkeys cross the road? The world may never know.