Fenugreek on Newsfeed -Researchers just discovered that fenugreek, a strong herb used in Indian curry, if taken by men can increase their sex drive by 25%. Here’s a thought researchers… stop wasting your time on how to increase the male sex drive and let’s start working on women. I am tired of hearing that the only way to increase the female sex drive is through some sort of romantic date. Ugh… can’t we get an herbal fix? I want a job trying to research and solve problems that aren’t problems. I wonder if their laboratory would fund my studies on how to make bacon burgers better? In the study, it stated that men who took the herb saw an increase in sexual desire and libido from anywhere between 16 to 28%, while those individuals who took the “dummy pills,” saw a decrease. Hey, maybe the decrease was because you called them “dummy pills.” Hey man, wanna go hit on chicks? No, I feel like a dummy.