Woah! Female Cop Suffers Ultimate Meltdown While Waving Around Her Gun

A police officer in small-town Louisiana found herself out of a job after embarrassing bodycam footage surfaced. The video shows former Brusly Police Officer Shellie Maranto going ballistic and waving her gun around in the air in response to a domestic dispute.

The incident took place on March 31, when officers in nearby Addis were called to handle a dispute between a husband and his estranged wife. As soon as they managed to get everything under control, Maranto suddenly arrived on the scene and began ranting and raving.

“The f***ing c*** is going to jail!” she screams, lobbing death threats and menacingly brandishing her service weapon. “I’m going to kill her, the whore! I don’t care about going to jail.”

At one point, Maranto even considers hauling her nemesis to jail under false pretenses.

“They’re gonna turn around and be like, ‘what are you arresting them for?’ I don’t know, I’ll find something,” she says.

By April 2, Maranto was placed on administrative leave and her police-issued items were taken away. She resigned the following day after learning that the town council would determine whether she would be terminated for the outburst.