Badass FedEx Driver Stops Protesters From Burning American Flag

The FedEx driver at the center of a viral video that showed him using a fire extinguisher to stop protesters from burning the American flag will not lose his job, thanks in part to an online petition of supporters who backed his patriotic move.

Matt Uhrin of Cedar Rapids was hard at work when he noticed a group of Iowa City demonstrators attempting to set fire to Old Glory in front of the Old Capitol. That’s when he grabbed his fire extinguisher and took the protesters head-on.

At one point, several of the agitators attempt to grab a flag and the fire extinguisher out of Uhrin’s grasp, but he manages to put out the blaze and escape with his possessions intact by spraying one of his aggressors.

The video got plenty of attention on social media, where reactions were mixed: while many supporters praised Uhrin for his decisive action, others called on FedEx to fire him for getting involved in the protest.

This weekend, FedEx released a statement revealing that it decided to side with Uhrin: “We have reviewed the matter in Iowa City involving driver Matt Uhrin. He remains a FedEx employee and we have no plans to change his status,” the company wrote on its official Twitter account.

An online petition called “Save the FedEx Driver!!” obtained over 10,000 signatures prior to FedEx’s announcement.

Here’s the full video of the entire ordeal: