Wow! FedEx Driver Executes Amazing Controlled Slide Down Steep, Icy Hill

A FedEx semi truck driver who jackknifed at the top of a steep, icy incline near the California-Nevada border managed to pull off a jaw-dropping controlled slide down Interstate 80 until he reached the next exit.

The video released by the California Highway Patrol shows the semi truck’s two trailers perilously bent into a V-formation. The brakes on the rear trailer had locked up and were no longer functional.

According to Sgt. Eric Strecker, the truck was blocking all lanes of traffic and it would take at least an hour for a tow truck driver to make it to the scene, so police asked the driver to perform an incredible feat of skill.

With highway patrol officers following close behind, the driver carefully maneuvered the big rig down the steep grade, impressively navigating a difficult bend before bringing the truck to a clean stop in the highway’s shoulder area.

“I can’t believe that worked,” an officer can be heard saying as the truck slides to rest.

A slew of commenters have taken to Facebook to heap praise on the talented FedEx driver, with one viewer noting: “To be able to control a slide like that without having a jackknife (or worse) takes an extremely skilled driver. Hats off to FedEx for having a driver like this in their fleet.”