Fearless Woman Fights Off Tiny Man Who Attacked Her In Apartment Lobby

Maybe he’s just a really dedicated advocate of the Free Hugs Campaign? Police are on the lookout for a certified creeper who followed a woman into her Queens lobby and tightly bear-hugged her before she managed to wrestle out of his grasp.

The unsettling incident took place a few weeks ago when the 28-year-old victim was followed into her apartment building just after midnight by a man who sneaked in before the door closed and tried to pin her against the wall.

In the clip, the culprit can be seen snatching the woman just before she starts to walk up the stairs. He appears to place his hand over her mouth and hold her against the wall before several moments before he up and runs off.

According to police, the suspect was described at standing 5-foot-5 and having brown eyes and brown hair. He was last seen wearing a black jacket, blue pants, and black shoes. No arrests have been made in relation to the spooky incident.