FAUX HAWK Hair Cutting Techniques Hair Cutting Videos

For more FREE razor hair cutting techniques, hair cutting videos and faux hawk hair cutting techniques visit:http://www.scissorboy.com/youtubeThe Faux Hawk is a rather unconventional but popular hair cutting technique, as is presented in this hair cutting video. Franc Gutierrez from Hair Cutting Salon Scandalous shows you his version of the Faxu Hawk.Not only is this hair cutting video a step by step visual guide to creating that perfect Faux Hawk, but also includes other Hair Cutting Techniques, tips and tricks including:*A shampoo hair cutting technique combined with a massage*The correct way to texture a faux hawk hair cut*How getting that perfect faux Hawk helps by using the scissor over comb technique*Razor hair cutting techqniques vs point cutting techniquesThis and other hair cutting videos are all available for FREE on my site:http://www.scissorboy.com/youtubeEnjoy this faux hawk hair cutting video and let me know what you think by leaving your comments and feedback!