Father Arrested for Neglect Having Weed In Car

Posted by jules2255 on Jun. 11, 2012

ATLANTA - Two children were found safe after police say someone stole their fathers car while they were inside it. Investigators say the car was taken from a convenience store, and now the childrens father is behind bars. It happened at the Star Discount Food Mart on Joseph E. Boone Boulevard around 6:15 p.m. on Sunday. Police say Boyd got out of his car and left it running when he went inside the convenience store to get two bags of ice. Surveillance video shows a man in a red shirt taking the car a few minutes later, and then shows the father, Charles Boyd, coming out of the store and realizing what happened. The surveillance video shows Boyd getting on his cell phone, but instead of calling police, he first called his wife. Police say her first phone call was to the FOX 5 newsroom instead of to police. And, when Boyd finally did call 911, investigators say at first he didnt tell them that his children were in the stolen car. The children were found safe in the abandoned Cadillac about an hour later. Boy

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