Fat Siberian Tigers Take Down Drone And Then Try To Eat It

They might be capable of ripping your face off with a single swipe of their paws, but this video proves that Siberian tigers are as easily fascinated by flying objects as your average housecat.

Cool video footage out of a Chinese nature reserve shows a group of curious tigers – including a couple porkers that should probably lay off carbs – frolicking through the snow. Suddenly, a wild drone appears.

It doesn’t take long before a courageous tiger swats the drone out of the air with a particularly skillful leap, but when the quadcopter starts revving up again, the herd of big cats looks confused and threatened.

The drone wasn’t just for fun and games: officials wanted the increasingly out-of-shape tigers to get some additional exercise and burn off calories that would otherwise just turn into fat.

Employees at the park were able to retrieve the damaged drone by using an armored vehicle to venture into the tigers’ habitat.