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Posted by calgaRywiLLsfaq01 on Jun. 26, 2013

FAQ Question of the week FAQ #1- How long does it take to do a will? That depends on your curcumstances. SOme people wrongly believe that a will can be completed in ten minutes , other people think it should take days to write up a will. I have never completed a will in ten minutes, but typically do not take much more than a few hours to review a client's circumstances and draft an appropriate will. FAQ #2- Should your executor be a relative? In many, or even most cases, this is appropriate. In some cases, it makes sense to pick up an executor who is not a relative. Factors such as closeness (both geographical and emotional) to the relative, the competence of the relative, the level of difficulty of the estate, and the likelihood of family disputes will determine whether a realtive should be used. FAQ #3- Can I write my will in my own handwriting? Technically, yes. I however, do not recommend this approach. A so-called holographic will (one that is handwritten) is more likely to have problems than one that is prepared with the assistance of a lawyer. Let Russ Weninger help you with your inquires with regards to writing your wills? Visit our website today for more information!http-//www.calgarylegalwills.com/

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