Labor Day weekend is approaching, so men, it's time to break up with your girlfriends because you have Fantasy Football Drafts to focus on!! Not only can the lockout and short preseason affect the fantasy drafts this year, but some injuries are popping up to some of the top players in the league. 1st up-Peyton Manning. He had neck surgery in the offseason that is healing so slow, that the Colts went out and brought a 39 year-old Kerry Collins out of retirement, which really shows how much Colts backup quarterback Curtis Painter sucks. Houston Texans running back Arian Foster pulled a hamstring for the 2nd time this preseason, and even though he tweeted that he'll be fine, a hammy can be a nagging injury all season long, especially for a bruiser like Foster. Then ya have Chris Johnson, now he's not hurt but he's not happy with the Titans offering him 9 million dollars a season, so he's sitting at home playing Madden on PS3 until he feels like coming back to work. One guy who IS looking healthy and productive is Jets wideout Plaxico Burress. Nope, he hasn't shot himself in the foot yet, or his leg.