Fan Saves Sunbathing Hottie

Posted by ssproair on Apr. 06, 2009

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Sunbathing can be a dangerous activity, as shown in this great video. This sunbathing chick has no idea that a home run ball is headed directly for her favorite tanning spot until a heroic fan shows up. He not only makes a great catch but I'm sure won the smoking hot girl's affections. What a great way to get laid. It's almost like he set it up with the batter to aim directly for the tan beauty. Let's take a closer look at this sunbathing video.A home run almost becomes a dead girl in this crazy video. This lucky girl is saved by a fan and his mitt as a well hit homer almost ruins her tanning as well as her face. This amazing catch is rewarded with the lazy lady returning to bask in the heat. Luckily the fans understand the certain death that this brave baseball enthusiast saved her from. I wonder what tan lines would look like on a surgically reconstructed face.

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