Famous Navy Seals

This is a transcript of “Famous Navy Seals” on Newsfeed…When news broke Sunday that Al Queda terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden had been killed by Navy Seals, Hollywood was quick to ask the important question: Who are some famous Navy Seals?! There have only been around 11,000 Navy Seals ever, and of them the most famous… former Governor of Minnesota and pro wrestler Jesse Ventura! Now a lot of people criticize him saying that his political style was a little abrasive… Wait, are you trying to tell me me that former Mongol biker, pro wrestler, trained tactical killer and author of the book entitled “I Don’t Have Time to Bleed,” – Are you telling me that he wasn’t very good at tasteful debate? Nice try. There was a rumor that Fred Rogers, of Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood was a Navy Seal, which the Navy Seals firmly denies. I don’t know, nothing screams elite military unit louder than a cardigan sweater and handy puppet work.