Spectacular Footage Of The Extensive Flooding At The Oroville Dam In California

New aerial footage shows the shocking extent of flooding damage that has already occurred after an emergency spillway of Northern California’s Oroville Dam was found to have ruptured, forcing over 200,000 people to evacuate the area.

In the video released by the California Highway Patrol, a roaring wall of water can be seen gushing down the emergency spillway.

Officials have been using the alternative spillway in a desperate attempt to lower the water levels after it was discovered that the main spillway had an erosion hole that is approximately the size of a football field and cannot yet be fixed.

While the dam itself is not expected to fail, either of the spillways could potentially buckle, sending a three-story high wall of water into communities located below.

The chaos surrounding the Oroville Dam comes as a surprise to many, especially because parts of California have been subject to a drought lasting as long as six years. Precipitation throughout the Northern Sierra region has comfortably exceeded last year’s totals, a mixed blessing as authorities work frantically to avoid mass flooding.